Green fashion for a sustainable living

Let there be sustainability in fashion.

There is a good cause for all conquests and undertakings, except of course in causes where there are none. Sustainable living is the new style in fashion and with it the reinvention of green as the new black.

The fashion industry has caught on the trend of sustainability thanks to the efforts of a number of eco conscious brands and start ups that is growing steadily.

Rapanui is one of the eco fashion brands that makes organic clothing using renewable energy. The brand features a traceability tool that enables customers to spread their influence about sustainability not just in making purchases but also in how clothes are made.

Rapanui clothing - eco fashion

The service empowers earth lovers enabling them to make informed decisions about garments they purchase. That way, one can be sure how clothes they buy have been made and how their respective raw materials were acquired and thus be in a position to make the right decision both to the benefit of the planet and themselves.

Traceability serves as the last piece in the puzzle for those who looking to purchase sustainably as well as spread their influence on other brands. For fashionistas looking to do something about their carbon footprints, Rapanui may be your next best stop.