Shapewear – a pretty collection

Let’s face it. While the right shapewear can give you the confidence to wear that skin-tight cocktail dress you otherwise would put in the “I’ll wear when I lose 10 lbs” part of the closet, it sure isn’t doing you any favors in the get-undressed-in-front-of-a-man department.

No matter how sexy you look on the outside, taking off your clothes to reveal your entire body squished into a less-than-sexy rubber tube (let alone the process of actually peeling said tube off) is one experience most women would rather not experience.  Which is precisely why Sassybax Founder Amanda Horan Kennedy has created a collection even the prettiest woman would envy.

Introducing “The Pretty Collection,” shapewear that looks just as good on the outside as it does on the inside!  Trust us – this is one undergarment he’ll be wanting to peel off.

“This collection is so pretty and sexy that it’s hard to believe it’s shapewear,” Kennedy says. “…women will actually want to show it off like lingerie!”

The Pretty Collection not only has Sassybax’s iconic slimming, shaping and confidence-boosting power, but also an unmatched seduction for those romantic moments.

The line retails from $50 – $118 in numerous department stores, boutiques and online retailers throughout the U.S., including Saks Fifth Avenue,,, and of course, The sultry collection consists of seven uniquely designed and, might we add, gorgeous styles – a slip, camisole, shaper bottom, high rise body shaper, thong body suit, control brief and control thong – that both shape and flaunt a women’s femininity beyond ordinary lingerie.

The Pretty Collection’s French-inspired design and superior fabrication is specifically designed to be worn by women…but this time, seen by men!

– Laura Kealey, RICHPR


The most beautiful legs in the world

Now Sculptz fans can find their favorite products at – home to the most beautiful legs in the world!

Just like peanut butter and jelly, Brad and Angelina, and chocolate…well with anything!  Some things are just better together.  We’re very excited that Sculptz and Silkies are the next dynamic duo!  As of June 1st Sculptz fans will be able to find their favorite shapewear and legwear products on Silkies – a match made in hosiery heaven!

On-trend as always, Sculptz designers developed a delicate, nature inspired floral print for Spring.  Light and airy you can pair these with a khaki skirt and button down oxford or your “LBD” for a pretty and stylish new look. And, true to its name, Sculptz legwear styles have the shaper top that holds the tummy, smooths your hips and lifts the rear – sculpting your body just where you need it.  A deal at $18.00 – she gets fashion and function!

The best legs in the world

Sheers made a strong comeback this year, get the sexy look with these Lace Top Thigh-High’s from Silkies.  At $16.49 for three pairs, you can afford these and the Chanel bag you’ve been stalking on Bluefly! Sexy and Chic, another classic combo!

Sculptz and Silkies have tons of beautiful styles that will make your closet and hosiery drawer the next best combination!