Discovering new stlyes

Fashion enthusiasts like to try out new styles every now and then. Some stick with what works for them and others grow in and out of styles as they…well you know.
Some have preferences, styles they prefer, maybe because of their careers or well… all the other things that make them prefer certain styles.
And then there are those who like to mix and match, spice up things, and try to rewrite or create new styles.
Being creative is a little difficult when it comes to things that everyone looks up to.
A creative chef can mix ingredients randomly, but the end result is not always servable. For instance, ketchup and coffee,
salad and milk, salt and honey, alcohol and beans, well… you get the idea.
But it is usually those who push the limits of fashion that come up with new styles and more often than not become trend setters.
And of course there are those who ruin everything for everyone, you know, some stuff you just don’t wanna see.
And of course others like myself, like to write and sometimes fantasize about it all.


A fashion poem – Hotchpotch

Penned, immortal

motif shapely patterns

related strangers

draping beauty


Slenderly long

innately inert

illusional shadows

poured and dried


Timely hands

dams of flow

reversible not

slaves of time


orderly random

mix n match

colored rainbow

nick nacks of life

To fashion reality shows, fashion is personal

Fashion makeover TV Shows are gradually becoming popular. A typical show features a person who ‘lacks’ (or is thought to lack) a great taste for fashion, and some fashion knowledgeable people whose job is to make the amateur go pro.

Even mix and match do the trick

Even a simple mix and match can do the trick

Somehow, I feel that as much as people can or do suggest what is right or appropriate for you, and especially in fashion, you are the only one who can make a choice that is most likely to be satisfying in the long run. This is due to the fact that you know your self better.

Your taste and preference no matter how primitive they may seem, define your personality and uniquely identify you.

So for anyone who attentively follows any show of the kind, don’t be limited by the ideas that they give. Moreover, don’t be a copycat; feel free to experiment and explore.

With drinks, they tell you to obey your thirst, with fashion, naturally, you would obey your style.