The last one out

Dear fans, this is probably my last post on this blog, it is with regret that I have to move on to other challenges after some very interesting years writing about fashion.

I am coming close to finishing my masters and I am therefore in pursuit of challenges of some other kind.

My passion for fashion and for writing for that matter have not waned, I continue to share the same values as I may have discussed or as you may have noticed in my writing.

First things first: I want to thank all readers who visited this blog, anyone who felt intrigued by things posted there in and was compelled to leave a comment, and those 0who contributed to the articles whether it was proposing discussion topics or the actual writing. As for those whom we shared a business mind, a big up for your support. I just can’t thank you enough. For anyone else who I might have left out of the list, thank you. Best of luck to you all in your endeavors, may your passion guide you to your dreams.

A fashion passion has been dear to me, it was a challenge that I took to develop my writing and my passion about fashion. A challenge that I had no idea how it would shape up or what I would do with it. It has been a journey, a long one, an interesting one, a learning opportunity. It has been something like non I have done before. Looking back at the journey, I find no regret, there might be some in that I am leaving. But I believe life holds bigger challenges for me.

For the good of mankind, for the benefit of sharing, learning or any other that may seem appropriate, content on this blog may be republished on other similar sites. I will only request that you cite the reference – for instance written by Fasean or Adapted from A fashion passion, well, you get the idea.

Last, but not least, if you know anyone who might be interested in adopting this blog and running it as their own please ask them to drop me a line at

I believe I have not forgotten anything but I did not have a count of things I needed to say so the reality might elude me.

If you are the last visitor on this blog, please don’t forget to turn off the lights;)


fashion, a moment of time

A moment has gone by but the world has remained the same. Steadfast to its weird ways and tastes, no moment has gone by without a moment going by.
The pursuit for fashion has withstood the tests of time, the warmth of a warming globe. With finesse, diverse and more revealing pieces still drape fashionistas.
Even though mummified years ago, the pharaoh is still much alive, at least some of his legacy is; his iconic sandals that make you love toes that have been pampered and nails manicured.

No makeup, no hairdos

She, I would like to talk about. Makeup is part of fashion but I wonder why those who do not wear it attract me the most.

So, she is a vegan, but that’s not the point, even though am tempted to comment that it contributes to the fair texture of her skin. And she is into political science, now that I definitely want to discuss with her; I am still not convinced that democracy is the best form of governance.

Without makeup, her face, naked, engenders a connection like no other, it becomes difficult not to look at. Her eyes capture your attention the most. Does your politician look you in the eye?

She strides head high even without a hairdo. What I do not understand is why in that state, she is so arresting before she even utters. When she talks, she makes the world look so small it tells you that she has done her homework and is ready to conquer and rule.

Without makeup or hairdos she paints a beautiful picture, a natural picture, one that Leonardo Da Vinci may have wanted to paint had he had the chance

High street fashion trends

Now that you carry half your wardrobe with you; no seriously, what you wear and what you carry in your handbag and so on an so forth, maybe its time you also took that fashion magazine with you.

Trendstop – one of the world’s leading fashion trend forecasters for the industry, have developed the first fashion trend mobile app for consumers – the TrendTrackerTM. It’s free and users can now have access years in advance to the same fashion trend information as the professionals. Its also now available on any mobile, not just iphone, including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Android and others.

Fashion trends mobile app

You can download it for free by either going to from your phone’s browser or sending the word TREND as an SMS text message to: UK: 81148, Other countries: +447797803901. For iPhone go to

More advanced member’s features will be added onto the app as the year goes on.

The fashion & beauty of science

It is randomly random, unpredictable as the weather

It is made up of facts, but even more of the unknown

Assumptions are its face, somethings are not accountable

Yet it remains beautiful even in the face of fashion


Metrics are too primitive to measure whats out there

If we could tell how far it stretches we could rocket fiercely

If we knew its depths we could mount drills with pleasure

Yet without showing too much skin, we can’t help but ogle


It is not definite yet it is not infinite, we see and forget

We cannot tell the beginning or the end, this way up!

Are coming and going, or vice-versa, we can barely decide

Yet we fall in love, especially when we cannot decide


It is abundantly demured, it is a comely mother nature

Without holding back, it explodes, and burns nature

It is defined by laws but it does not abide to any

Yet despite its unfaithfulness, we reach out and caress it


It is has been there from time immemorial, can we tell?

It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning of the end

the end of the beginning if temperatures were to rise

Yet for short lived pleasures we exert extra strain on it


We reminisce of memories we love with wishes

We imagine of worlds unknown, fearfully and excitedly

We are beautifully and wonderfully made, only if we cared to look

Yet believe it or not we look into it when nothing else gives