A fashion poem – ‘the bar’

A tavern or the other, the weather remains golden

Same waters flowing from kegs, bottles and glasses

To oceans though small never filling

Same people, same atmosphere, same lighting

Same music, there is even no need for a weather man


Dresscodes since there are none, are not kept

But everyone uses the wardrobe, few tip

No one is dressed for a special occasion

It rains everyday and today is not different

Tipsy, drunk, then awash by the floods


When the rain seizes and taps run dry

Everything is different, the view, the people

The mood, the room, the groom, the good

One in the hand of another, none in any

Thirst for a hand, a sip, a shot lingers in all


The minds are like beer glasses, brittle and longing

Easy to read, pick, lead, frisk and kiss

Everyone needs something, eyes are so telling

Yet all night they lingered and wandered

A horse you can take to the river the rest y’all know


Weather patterns and climates may change

But one remains steadfast, thirst and fashion

The music, the dance, the hand, the river

With water that quenches not, dams differ

Half, full or empty, after a bender


The way I am

Somethings just exist for a reason
others just exist without reason
darkness falls on daylight
shadows fall in light.
Today, I don’t know reason
I guess its too late to reason
the coming and going of seasons
now slowing down for no reason
If I seems to have lost it
style, preference, class or taste
its not because I do not care
at crossroads I am, seasons seem not to care

The last one out

Dear fans, this is probably my last post on this blog, it is with regret that I have to move on to other challenges after some very interesting years writing about fashion.

I am coming close to finishing my masters and I am therefore in pursuit of challenges of some other kind.

My passion for fashion and for writing for that matter have not waned, I continue to share the same values as I may have discussed or as you may have noticed in my writing.

First things first: I want to thank all readers who visited this blog, anyone who felt intrigued by things posted there in and was compelled to leave a comment, and those 0who contributed to the articles whether it was proposing discussion topics or the actual writing. As for those whom we shared a business mind, a big up for your support. I just can’t thank you enough. For anyone else who I might have left out of the list, thank you. Best of luck to you all in your endeavors, may your passion guide you to your dreams.

A fashion passion has been dear to me, it was a challenge that I took to develop my writing and my passion about fashion. A challenge that I had no idea how it would shape up or what I would do with it. It has been a journey, a long one, an interesting one, a learning opportunity. It has been something like non I have done before. Looking back at the journey, I find no regret, there might be some in that I am leaving. But I believe life holds bigger challenges for me.

For the good of mankind, for the benefit of sharing, learning or any other that may seem appropriate, content on this blog may be republished on other similar sites. I will only request that you cite the reference – for instance written by Fasean or Adapted from A fashion passion, well, you get the idea.

Last, but not least, if you know anyone who might be interested in adopting this blog and running it as their own please ask them to drop me a line at fasean.line@yahoo.com.

I believe I have not forgotten anything but I did not have a count of things I needed to say so the reality might elude me.

If you are the last visitor on this blog, please don’t forget to turn off the lights;)

fashion, a moment of time

A moment has gone by but the world has remained the same. Steadfast to its weird ways and tastes, no moment has gone by without a moment going by.
The pursuit for fashion has withstood the tests of time, the warmth of a warming globe. With finesse, diverse and more revealing pieces still drape fashionistas.
Even though mummified years ago, the pharaoh is still much alive, at least some of his legacy is; his iconic sandals that make you love toes that have been pampered and nails manicured.

A fashion passion, a fashion poem

You see radiance in me like no one else,

in a sphinx-like manner, you adore us

adding radiance without eking it out

your are abundant of all I need


You and I are acquaintances, more or less

yet, you wear the warmth of my heart

with pride and without holding back


I saw no warmth in no other, thus

I sought warmth from none other

I saw fashion in no other,

you were all the fashion I needed


I am picky, I never chose you, but you did

you cuddled me reaching out to worlds unknown

vividly I reminisce our first time, simple yet enough

I wish that the hands of time punch endlessly


For you, I will go to space, a place only for you,

I will wait to embrace your body

drape gracefully on you, hug you with my heart

and when all gone, I will never let go

The figure of beauty

Admire an artist when they start afresh on a canvas

faint trace lines that draw out the shape show their artistry

and from the beginning the shape captures your eyes

impatient to see the eventual piece, you fantasize


when everything was covered up it was a figure,

a figure of beauty, shaped by the overlying garments

draping gracefully, boldly outlining a monument

trendy a monument but not for a moment


the hour glass or if you prefer, the 8 or the K

has lost favor to a H, a svelte H

a shapely H qualifies you to be a comely

workout or fast happily ever after even for a homely


if its siliconed it is a P, with everything ironed out,

to tell the difference, look closely or look out

H defines you, not from the ins but out

irrespective of anorexia or a worked out


Like coffee it ages, once comely, a svelte letter

but when a hag wears it, no matter the letter,

it becomes Italic, one that withers to the letter

retiring in sorts and styles no matter the letter