The last one out

Dear fans, this is probably my last post on this blog, it is with regret that I have to move on to other challenges after some very interesting years writing about fashion.

I am coming close to finishing my masters and I am therefore in pursuit of challenges of some other kind.

My passion for fashion and for writing for that matter have not waned, I continue to share the same values as I may have discussed or as you may have noticed in my writing.

First things first: I want to thank all readers who visited this blog, anyone who felt intrigued by things posted there in and was compelled to leave a comment, and those 0who contributed to the articles whether it was proposing discussion topics or the actual writing. As for those whom we shared a business mind, a big up for your support. I just can’t thank you enough. For anyone else who I might have left out of the list, thank you. Best of luck to you all in your endeavors, may your passion guide you to your dreams.

A fashion passion has been dear to me, it was a challenge that I took to develop my writing and my passion about fashion. A challenge that I had no idea how it would shape up or what I would do with it. It has been a journey, a long one, an interesting one, a learning opportunity. It has been something like non I have done before. Looking back at the journey, I find no regret, there might be some in that I am leaving. But I believe life holds bigger challenges for me.

For the good of mankind, for the benefit of sharing, learning or any other that may seem appropriate, content on this blog may be republished on other similar sites. I will only request that you cite the reference – for instance written by Fasean or Adapted from A fashion passion, well, you get the idea.

Last, but not least, if you know anyone who might be interested in adopting this blog and running it as their own please ask them to drop me a line at

I believe I have not forgotten anything but I did not have a count of things I needed to say so the reality might elude me.

If you are the last visitor on this blog, please don’t forget to turn off the lights;)


Project runway

Apprentice engineers hover doing last minute smooching

attentioned to detail, every spot and bump needs smoothing

an impatient tower control, always on time, now snoozing

the set is a makeshift, an aircraft carrier without a choosing


the runway runs away into the night marked in bright light

the first craft pulls out, thinned like a fighter jet, lit and light

it does multiple machs, outdoing sound, later maybe light

Houston we have no problem, runway clear, green light


the jet are more artful than air-ready, for the night, no take offs

this is an airshow on the ground, stripped down or taken off

some seem to bounce, like overweight butterflies unable to take off

or one that struggles to avoid a lift off from its flapping wings


The runway taxied more jets than an aircraft carrier lands

please don’t feed the models, please don’t fuel the jets lads

abhor, a shift in the throttle can almost be felt in the sound

However, neither a 747, nor an A380 has made a sound

To fashion reality shows, fashion is personal

Fashion makeover TV Shows are gradually becoming popular. A typical show features a person who ‘lacks’ (or is thought to lack) a great taste for fashion, and some fashion knowledgeable people whose job is to make the amateur go pro.

Even mix and match do the trick

Even a simple mix and match can do the trick

Somehow, I feel that as much as people can or do suggest what is right or appropriate for you, and especially in fashion, you are the only one who can make a choice that is most likely to be satisfying in the long run. This is due to the fact that you know your self better.

Your taste and preference no matter how primitive they may seem, define your personality and uniquely identify you.

So for anyone who attentively follows any show of the kind, don’t be limited by the ideas that they give. Moreover, don’t be a copycat; feel free to experiment and explore.

With drinks, they tell you to obey your thirst, with fashion, naturally, you would obey your style.

Angels of costumier, Hollywood's costume factory

I have always wondered where Hollywood gets all those funky and weird costumes. And almost like a bad cop, I stumbled to my answer even without searching for it or without my knowledge for that matter. If I had tried, I think I might not have found it..

Hollywoods costume factory

Angels of costumier, Hollywood's costume factory

In its own words, Angels of costumier based in the UK, focuses subtle details, and concentrates on quality and accuracy.

Angel of costumier has supplied costumes to many of Hollywood’s successful pictures including Titanic (1997). Read more.

The '09 Oscars red carpet gallery

The Oscar award ceremony is not only one of the most prominent film award ceremony but also one if not the greatest fashion show of any fashion season. It features a red carpet representing a runway where fashion designers showcase their work.
The glitterati, dressed in lavish and deluxe styles pose for the paparazzi who then later publicize their content, sometimes in an unprecedented manner, completing a fashion show’s cycle.
And as we await both events this day, more people are looking forward to the sidekick fashion show than to the award ceremony itself. Perhaps we also need to award Hollywood for its fashion achievements.

French actress Marion Cotillard (in black) and Marisa Tomei (in white), best supporting actress nominee for The Wrestler, have their dresses adjusted at the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood, 2009

French actress Marion Cotillard (in black) and Marisa Tomei (in white), best supporting actress nominee for 'The Wrestler', have their dresses adjusted at the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood, 2009

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