A fashion poem – ‘the bar’

A tavern or the other, the weather remains golden

Same waters flowing from kegs, bottles and glasses

To oceans though small never filling

Same people, same atmosphere, same lighting

Same music, there is even no need for a weather man


Dresscodes since there are none, are not kept

But everyone uses the wardrobe, few tip

No one is dressed for a special occasion

It rains everyday and today is not different

Tipsy, drunk, then awash by the floods


When the rain seizes and taps run dry

Everything is different, the view, the people

The mood, the room, the groom, the good

One in the hand of another, none in any

Thirst for a hand, a sip, a shot lingers in all


The minds are like beer glasses, brittle and longing

Easy to read, pick, lead, frisk and kiss

Everyone needs something, eyes are so telling

Yet all night they lingered and wandered

A horse you can take to the river the rest y’all know


Weather patterns and climates may change

But one remains steadfast, thirst and fashion

The music, the dance, the hand, the river

With water that quenches not, dams differ

Half, full or empty, after a bender


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