Nightlife fashion

It was not yet Halloween but people were dressed in all sort, shapes and tastes. Some looking like they just walked outta bathroom, others like they are going to bed and others even though dressed seemed like they had no idea what they were upto.

Nonetheless, all happily gathered in a tavern, in a jovial mood, ready to get down with the get down. The doormen could not have been more serious, but even they didn’t seem to know why they were stone faced; everybody was here to have a good time. It seemed otherwise for them.

Nightlife fashion

Downstairs or if you prefer in the basement was they had the boom box, a dance floor and a DJ booth. Two DJs in the booth, I wondered why, one to insert and the other to press play. It was not like what they did was anywhere close to requiring a DJ leave alone two.

And what they played? Music like I’ve never heard, beats too fast, too close to each other, overlapping, you would have had the whole bar and steal dance to some sh’t. As in no matter how hammered you were, you wouldn’t have missed a beat. There was practically a beat to every step, or second imaginable or doable.

And yes, a face or two to ogle, a dashboard or two to ignite your interest in working them out and so much more that am not gonna say.

At the end of the night, you can imagine what was going down or up for that matter.


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