The movado watch

The watch, ideally designed for time telling purposes has turned to be a lavish fashion accessory.

A deluxe wrist watch is the kind of an accessory that adds a final touch to a look, adds class to a style and posh to a lavishness. For those with a passion for fashion, the list is almost endless.

Movado watches

The simplicity in the design of Movado watches captures the tastes of the picky and even surprisingly those on the lookout for pieces meticulously made. The wrist watches featuring a jeweled strap complements the simple design to form a piece that without trying to successfully double as a wrist watch and a bling.

And while the collection features seductive simplicity, it also offers watches with assorted gauges that are ideal when simplicity in functionality is defined by complexity. The collection, seemingly made with finesse is an idea gem to make a lux fashion statement as well as tell time.


2 thoughts on “The movado watch

  1. I definitely agree. I mean, I don’t just wear a watch because of its function. I also look at its style as well to go with my daily outfits. I usually go for neutral colors so it will go with any outfit.

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