A fashion passion, a fashion poem

You see radiance in me like no one else,

in a sphinx-like manner, you adore us

adding radiance without eking it out

your are abundant of all I need


You and I are acquaintances, more or less

yet, you wear the warmth of my heart

with pride and without holding back


I saw no warmth in no other, thus

I sought warmth from none other

I saw fashion in no other,

you were all the fashion I needed


I am picky, I never chose you, but you did

you cuddled me reaching out to worlds unknown

vividly I reminisce our first time, simple yet enough

I wish that the hands of time punch endlessly


For you, I will go to space, a place only for you,

I will wait to embrace your body

drape gracefully on you, hug you with my heart

and when all gone, I will never let go


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