World cup fashion

I took sometime out from my everyday routines and without trying not to caught the world cup fever. And I almost turned a blind eye to fashion, all I watched was football and listened to the endless, monotonous sound of the South Africa’s vuvuzela; everything else seems to have come to a stand still.

But in the midst of the football euphoria, fashion dictates every moment of a kick, or a hum…at a time like this it is not unreasonable to think that one is living in a beehive.

The world cup opening concert, ceremony were a colorful, a meticulously fashion message, a celebration of a togetherness that maybe no other event displays in the world. The camera moves and zooms in, and am always curious to see how people are dressed. The football fans dressed in full regalia as if they are out for a dressing contest, or even better a non-themed fashion event.

Anyways, I hope that you are also enjoying life and fashion…I miss the day when I will sit and share fashion experiences that have been mind blowing


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