The figure of beauty

Admire an artist when they start afresh on a canvas

faint trace lines that draw out the shape show their artistry

and from the beginning the shape captures your eyes

impatient to see the eventual piece, you fantasize


when everything was covered up it was a figure,

a figure of beauty, shaped by the overlying garments

draping gracefully, boldly outlining a monument

trendy a monument but not for a moment


the hour glass or if you prefer, the 8 or the K

has lost favor to a H, a svelte H

a shapely H qualifies you to be a comely

workout or fast happily ever after even for a homely


if its siliconed it is a P, with everything ironed out,

to tell the difference, look closely or look out

H defines you, not from the ins but out

irrespective of anorexia or a worked out


Like coffee it ages, once comely, a svelte letter

but when a hag wears it, no matter the letter,

it becomes Italic, one that withers to the letter

retiring in sorts and styles no matter the letter


5 thoughts on “The figure of beauty

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