Summer must haves

After a cold and long winter, the summer is always a big welcome for all; the energy that the sun engenders in people and plants is impeccable. The blooming season brings parks to life in a vibrant manner; it makes me want to pick flowers, or just lie down and think of nothing except that my mind like nothing else always seems occupied.

Humans, they work out, they strip down, it is an international given moment to get down to bares without raising hell. Of course, that brings another sort of thing and then there are those allergic to pollen, sneezing and rubbing their eyes so as not to miss out.

Summer underwear

Affinitas, an online boutique offering lingerie solutions, wants to be part of the summer story. Whether you are packing for a holiday trip or for a bask under the sun, it is recommendable to give a thought to the underwear.

The summer may be hot, or you on the other hand may be hot. Either way, the attire for the season might be suitable when defined by a seamless, strapless, convertible or travel friendly thongs and bras. If you prefer, you may make the best out of the season with no strings attached.

You may visit Her Room or Lauren Silva for more collections of summer must haves.


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