No makeup, no hairdos

She, I would like to talk about. Makeup is part of fashion but I wonder why those who do not wear it attract me the most.

So, she is a vegan, but that’s not the point, even though am tempted to comment that it contributes to the fair texture of her skin. And she is into political science, now that I definitely want to discuss with her; I am still not convinced that democracy is the best form of governance.

Without makeup, her face, naked, engenders a connection like no other, it becomes difficult not to look at. Her eyes capture your attention the most. Does your politician look you in the eye?

She strides head high even without a hairdo. What I do not understand is why in that state, she is so arresting before she even utters. When she talks, she makes the world look so small it tells you that she has done her homework and is ready to conquer and rule.

Without makeup or hairdos she paints a beautiful picture, a natural picture, one that Leonardo Da Vinci may have wanted to paint had he had the chance


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