High street fashion trends

Now that you carry half your wardrobe with you; no seriously, what you wear and what you carry in your handbag and so on an so forth, maybe its time you also took that fashion magazine with you.

Trendstop – one of the world’s leading fashion trend forecasters for the industry, have developed the first fashion trend mobile app for consumers – the TrendTrackerTM. It’s free and users can now have access years in advance to the same fashion trend information as the professionals. Its also now available on any mobile, not just iphone, including Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Android and others.

Fashion trends mobile app

You can download it for free by either going to http://mobile.trendstop.com from your phone’s browser or sending the word TREND as an SMS text message to: UK: 81148, Other countries: +447797803901. For iPhone go to http://www.iTunes.com/apps/

More advanced member’s features will be added onto the app as the year goes on.


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