Today I bought a pair of sunglasses to usher in the new summer that I have been looking forward to since the end of the last one. And as irresponsible or careless as I have been before, I intend to keep them for as long as possible. Usually I tend to lose them in a couple of months.

Sunglasses are a fashion trend yes, part of one’s jewelry or if you like bling. And my rationale for the purchase was more based on my being allergic to pollen and as a result at the beginning of a summer periods, my eyes tend to wake up swollen and redden all day.

Like any other fashionista, I was looking for style but also some protection from the airborne pollen particles; if I can get some. And I got more than I was looking for.

I am not a brand minded person so I wish not to reveal what brand my glasses are. If you, wonder, it is not that fancy, but yea, if you get caught on the other side of the street, you may break a neck.


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