The fashion & beauty of science

It is randomly random, unpredictable as the weather

It is made up of facts, but even more of the unknown

Assumptions are its face, somethings are not accountable

Yet it remains beautiful even in the face of fashion


Metrics are too primitive to measure whats out there

If we could tell how far it stretches we could rocket fiercely

If we knew its depths we could mount drills with pleasure

Yet without showing too much skin, we can’t help but ogle


It is not definite yet it is not infinite, we see and forget

We cannot tell the beginning or the end, this way up!

Are coming and going, or vice-versa, we can barely decide

Yet we fall in love, especially when we cannot decide


It is abundantly demured, it is a comely mother nature

Without holding back, it explodes, and burns nature

It is defined by laws but it does not abide to any

Yet despite its unfaithfulness, we reach out and caress it


It is has been there from time immemorial, can we tell?

It is the alpha and the omega, the beginning of the end

the end of the beginning if temperatures were to rise

Yet for short lived pleasures we exert extra strain on it


We reminisce of memories we love with wishes

We imagine of worlds unknown, fearfully and excitedly

We are beautifully and wonderfully made, only if we cared to look

Yet believe it or not we look into it when nothing else gives


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