Simple fashion designs

Stendal once said that only great minds can afford a simple style.

Although this saying may be valued in the fashion world, it bears ambiguity with its deficiency to define simple and great. For what is simple or great to one, is not to another.

Coolil, an online boutique offering Israeli designs now features new designs of purses, namely the Corto clutch bag and the Corfe purse. The designs, with the lack of the typical bric-a-brac can perhaps be described as simple.

Corto cluch bag and Corfe purse

The Corto clutch bag is a stylish combination of classic vintage and trendy chic while the Corfe purse is like a jewel, made with finesse. Both feature Italian leather and a dozen 24K gold.

In fashion, as in other fields, simplicity  may be best achieved by a design that conjures emotions and occurs as a result of thoughtful reduction. Moreover, the ability of a design to emulate a style or trend that is popular at a particular time enhances its simplicity.

In that respect, the Corto clutch bag is the simplest design between the two. Among other things, it is the perfect pouch to house a woman’s accessories may they be cards, keys, cell phone, a make up kit and you know what else.

The size of a pouch matters less than the value of it’s contents. However, the reduction of its size also contributes to its design’s simplicity.


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