Shoes for dummies

Who would have known that after all this years, all the technology and research that designers could be wrong about the only thing that they were supposed to get right; designing ergonomic foot wear. Obviously, some of them missed their calling. Or should I say most?

Since we now know that we’ve  been hammering our heels every time we went for a  jog, its a high time we carefully picked our foot wear, especially those that we play in.

Now that we are on the same page, and as thick as thieves, allow me to let you in on a story about a man and his ill fitting shoes.

Not so long ago, there was this young man who had just received his first pair of shoes; as a present for his birthday.Turned out that the shoes were not a perfect fit for him.

They were a size smaller and as a result hurt his feet and caused him pain. Whats worse, he never complained or went without them and amid the pain he wore them with pride as one may be proud of something that causes them misery.

Mostly because he had no prior experience in footwear, and thus he did not know if shoes were supposed to hurt one’s feet. He had never heard anyone complain about their shoes. And so he thought that shoes were actually supposed to hurt one’s feet and that one was not supposed to complain about it.

And so with pride, he wore his pain day in day out until the shoes were worn out and his feet almost damaged.

As someone with a passion for fashion, I wonder why there were no books like Shoes for dummies or even a simple manual about how to wear shoes.

Because even to this day, people continue to squeeze their feet in small sized shoes and bear the pain just to look good or to have a particular look. And the situation keeps getting worse as the shoes are not designed ergonimically and it is those shoes that we end up squeezing our feet into.

– bbc


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