T shirts for everyone

T-shirts are an everyday fashion item that everyone likes to have whether as a casual outfit or an accompaniment to a formal outfit. The simplicity in their design makes them appealing and a must own for all.

For some reasons they have evolved from being just simple pieces of fabrics for covering the upper body to being a medium of communication, mostly because everyone wears one.

As a medium of communication, they bear textual and pictorial content that the wearer identifies with or wants to share with others. And if we are patient enough soon with the advancement of technology t-shirts may bear hidden messages and video content.

Most messages and graphics on t-shirts are intended to be funny, serious, guff, fathomless and artistic. Of course, except for those that are not.

Funny t-shirts are funky and nice for parties or when one wants to show their frolic and funny side. 80’s t-shirts on the other hand are nice when one wants to communicate something that they still value, reminisce or identify with from the old times. Themed tees on the other hand are perfect for themed parties and the like.

Be Hip is an online t-shirt boutique that offers expressive t-shirts with different themes such as costume, movie, political, musical and comical.

The best of anything sometimes comes in a serendipity like manner. Usually it takes a little curiosity. What message do you communicate with your t-shirt?


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