Jewelry At Work – Using Pearls to Dazzle

If you are busy and on the go all the time, or maybe you get caught off-guard by a dinner arrangement you planned last minute, sometimes that leaves you no time to change and get to your destination. Or maybe you know that you are wearing something classy and sophisticated for your dinner, but you are just not sure it will make that right impression. One of the best ways that you can really nail that first impression, or get the attention of the right person, though, is simple: pearls. Pearls have always been portrayed as one of the most elegant accessories to anyone’s jewelry collection, and when it comes to trying to look both beautiful and professional, pearls do that job perfectly.

After all, a simply brooch with a pearl, or maybe a small chain necklace with a pearl charm, can give you the impression of the classy businesswoman, but does not go overboard or make you seem tacky. Just like diamonds can completely turn any woman into the belle of the ball, the Hollywood glamour star, so can pearls. Pearls have always been a sign of classic beauty. From the flappers and young film stars from the 1940s to the 1960s fashion, you will always look good with pearls. Business attire often calls for a natural elegance. After all, you want to look collected and beautiful, but if you have a freer spirit, you can’t really show that as much in your clothing. With pearls, you can give that little touch that says “I know elegance when I see it” without overpowering and distracting people with your clothing. A few simple touches are typically going to be the best way to wear your jewelry for work.

So what to do once you have set the tone at work with a simple pearl charm or brooch? When you leave work and want to go out without having to change your entire ensemble, there are a few very simple and subtle ways to go from professional to glamorous. First of all, if you have the time to put your hair up into a tight up-do, a barrette in your hair with pearls can suddenly turn you into a starlet. After all, nothing quite says elegance as a long neck with pearls and a gorgeous hairstyle that gets your attention. If you’d like to add more, a pearl bracelet can also accent you in ways that can take someone’s breath away.

It seems surprising, but the fact is that if you dress professionally, more often than not you are already wearing a nice outfit that you can go out in. While we aren’t talking about going out dancing, the fact is that a nice business dress or slacks and a blouse can be turned into a star-studded outfit to wow anyone. All it takes are a few pearls and a quick look in the rear-view mirror to pull up your hair to look absolutely wonderful. And all with just a little help from some jewelry.


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