Socks, tights and stockings

Most people wear socks to school and work, others wear them during special occasions only. Of course except for those who do not.

They were perhaps invented to afford warmth but have now been ingeniously turned into fashionable pieces and perhaps a must have for women. They have been transformed into shapes, styles and materials never imagined before.

Ballet dancing, working out, doing yoga, jogging, name an activity and I will name a special sock for that activity. They’ve become an integral and irreplaceable part of fashion.

Sock theory, an online boutique based in New York wants to extend a hand and help every lady achieve that fashionable look they yearn for  irrespective of their simple and elegant tastes, sensitive or picky personalities.

In other words, their collection is bespoke and will fulfill that desire for a new or inspired look.

SockTheory offers an exquisite collection of different kinds of socks including knee highs, thigh highs, socks, tights, and stockings.

If you are a socks person, you are going to love these ones. If you are not, you’ll fall in love without even trying.


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