Project runway

Apprentice engineers hover doing last minute smooching

attentioned to detail, every spot and bump needs smoothing

an impatient tower control, always on time, now snoozing

the set is a makeshift, an aircraft carrier without a choosing


the runway runs away into the night marked in bright light

the first craft pulls out, thinned like a fighter jet, lit and light

it does multiple machs, outdoing sound, later maybe light

Houston we have no problem, runway clear, green light


the jet are more artful than air-ready, for the night, no take offs

this is an airshow on the ground, stripped down or taken off

some seem to bounce, like overweight butterflies unable to take off

or one that struggles to avoid a lift off from its flapping wings


The runway taxied more jets than an aircraft carrier lands

please don’t feed the models, please don’t fuel the jets lads

abhor, a shift in the throttle can almost be felt in the sound

However, neither a 747, nor an A380 has made a sound


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