Underwear turned into outerwear

An unavoidable circumstances led to the end of one year and the beginning of another. And with an inbuilt nature of striving to be the best of ourselves, most of us made new year resolutions.

Among the wildest, or most ambitious resolutions that were made were humble efforts, wishes, and dreams to more fashionable.

Made by Niki boutique saw the opportunity and took matters into its hands; “turn innerwear into outerwear”. That would obviously get you eyeballed, maybe ogled, perhaps even break some necks and most definitely give you a head start into your year long resolution.

With an ever glamorous and gorgeous collection of dinky clean-edge thongs, boy shorts, bras, high-waist nippers, tank tops and a lot more, the boutique says that you will be nipped in and perfectly poised from boardroom to tavern and there between.

“Slinkies is our most exciting development ever. They make you feel amazing – pert, bouncy and full of fun – they put a spring in your step and make you stand taller. Strutting into a room with the pencil dress on – you know your body looks its absolute hottest, and you’re going to turn heads. There are so many ways to style the garments, you’ll never run out of ideas, and they are so simple and portable – easy to take wherever you go!”

And fortunately enough, there are only two ways to find out exactly how that feat will be achieved. Either ask them or get the garment and do the experiment yourself. For those who are daring, practical and as experimental as scientists, the second option would be the way to go.

Good luck with your quests of all nature. Please drop us some 411 when you find out that which might be of benefit to us. For now, everything remains a luta continua as the faithful and unstoppable clock ticks on.


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