Fashion faces extinction in the midst of global warming

As the French parliament makes a move to barn women wearing a face veil, one cannot help but think about the world of fashion that is going to be created as a result.

And perhaps an even interesting question is, are we going from being conservatives, showing less skin, to radicals, put it out there baby?

For those who have had the prestige of bringing up kids, we know how unfashionable things can get when we tell our teenage sons and daughters what to or not to wear. Moreover, we fail to understand what drives their fashion preferences or passions.

A burqini. A burqa & bikini, for sun protection and body cover.

To what extent should fashion be determined by law makers? And should we care about losing our cultural heritage, our passion and our fashion?

When a certain fashion becomes part of who we are, should we at some point abandon it? Should we be allowed to indulge in our passions? Are we free to dress as we desire irrespective of who we are?

Does this mean that artists, writers, photographers and Pollywood lose the right as well to use abolished fashion in their art?


modern body suits


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