The ugly truth about the ugg boots

The ugly truth about ugly things is that its ugly. Perfection in fashion is as rare as truth in science or justice in law or honesty in politics.

The ugg boots, their ugg:ness is short lived by being worn. And unlike crocs or other popular footwear, the do literary wear off the moment they are worn.

I have not worn a pair so far but I think that comfy, lightness or coziness depending on the wearer is the main asset.

Looking at a pair worn over a few days feels like looking at a badly stored loaf of bread. Specifically one that is not able to hold is intended shape anymore.

Ugghhrrrrr, only if breads could be baked to be breads.

Thats an amazing feat for a shoe, not! What makes the bread terrible for footwear is that it loses structural support not only externally but also internally and to make matters worse, it does that in a record time.

Within two weeks of constant wear, one can already make out the shape of the wearers leg from the outside, the inner expands sometimes adopting the shape of the wearer’s feet. Most often surpassing any ideal shape for a shoe or a leg for that matter.

And if that is not enough, like a structure that is so much in need of demolition, the uggs can no longer stand on themselves.

Structural reinforcement would be needed to get to 30. And by then, the soles will have given way, making the pair looks like a home experiment gone wrong.

And I can’t help but wonder how they manage to get these stuff to fly of the shelves. But then again it was an indoor shoe made transformed to an outdoor affair without much thought..


4 thoughts on “The ugly truth about the ugg boots

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