Lingerie & lounge, indulge & seduce

Brulee is a lingerie and lounge wear collection comprised of luxurious and comfortable pieces that are sexy, versatile and travel brilliant.

Each piece is handcrafted from the finest silk, cotton and jersey materials, featuring delicate details and intricate workmanship using hand cast gold and crystal hardware. Brulee targets powerful, sophisticated women with a feminine yet sexy edge.

The line’s camisoles, bodysuits, rompers, bralettes, boy shorts, lounge pants, nightshirts and more are luxurious and uncomplicated, and anything but sweet.  Slipping into one of these pieces promises to leave you feeling sexy and confident. Go ahead indulge and seduce.

This line definitely speaks what women want, it is more about what makes a sophisticated woman feel sexy than anything else. It is very refreshing.

– Arrael Hanson


2 thoughts on “Lingerie & lounge, indulge & seduce

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