Delicacy and TLC for her clothes

Soak – For a ladies looking for a delicate touch and a little TLC for their clothes.

Soak is a no-rinse hand-wash solution for everything from lingerie, hosiery and swimsuit to cashmere, silk and knits (even baby clothes, quilts and pets!), Soak’s fabric-friendly, gentle formulation revitalizes your fine fibers, keeping them in good condition, looking new, and smelling fresh with an array of scents to choose from. In touch with your sensitive side? Soak Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) completely fragrance-free.

No perfumes or dyes and a biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-toxic formulation in all Soak products, as well as recyclable bottles and water-based ink used on the packaging make it a fresh, ultra-clear and eco-friendly way to take care of the fine fibers you care about most.

by Arrael Hanson

fashion. accessories. Lifestyle


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