Is green the new black?

If green was just a color in fashion, it would need a lot of promotion to make a hit in the market given that girls are pinks and boys are blues.

But, in the wake of climate change, can green living replace the extravagance that we so lavishly indulge in? Well, am a little lost in my own words so I’ll leave that to you 😉

Practice what you preach, otherwise you’ll end up like a  prophet who is disowned by his own people. At the front to set a new way of life, a profound lifestyle, should be environmental campaigners.

What difference will it make if we all gear up in helmets and boots and entrench ourselves in Copenhagen?

Why talk while you cannot walk? In a green society, everyone should be able to walk. And more than ever, the society needs a revolution, a motivation to change and information to instill and spread knowledge and understanding.

Otherwise we all talk green and sustainable and end up in Babel. Or are we already there? Is it the reason we cannot agree on a sustainable green future?

Or are we fighting the battle at the wrong front, like a dog that chases and bites at its own tail? Should we strive to change our consumption behavior and influence the corporate world rather than wait for the corporate to influence us?

Are we forgoing social approach for a capital approach that is entangled in money and profits that we so much love and detest and in so doing abetting our own failure and downfall?

For now, green still remains a color in fashion and its gonna need more than just promotions to win the hearts and minds of the pinks and blues.


4 thoughts on “Is green the new black?

  1. There’s nothing wrong if the color green is the new black or the new color in fashion. Green is the color of nature and everybody loves nature I’ve guest. Well it’s a good sign for us that being addicted to color green means we give importance now to our mother earth. As I’ve noticed color green is now popular in terms of fashion. But for me this color are both fit for girls and boys. Just like my and only wholesale clothing store. Everything inside this store is fit for me.

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