Real men wear skirts too

Men do wear skirts too, but then they refer to them as kilts. But what in fashion terms is the difference between a skirt and a kilt given that English defines a kilt as a skirt with many folds?


9 thoughts on “Real men wear skirts too

  1. A kilt only has pleats to the rear, and the pleating is far deeper than most ladies skirts (though women do buy kilted skirts, and even men’s kilts too.) There are also a lot of detailed elements to a proper kilt, such as using a proper fabric with a kilting selvedge rather than a seam, a high waist to the traditional kilt, double fringes on the apron, and so on… If you are interested to find out more, check out our site and look for my free ebook about kilts and tartans!

  2. Kilt in Old Scandinavian means a skirt in fact. As Nick said, today a kilt is folded in rear, have two plain aprons in front is knee lenght, but I don’t know what is that proper fabric? Nick, You mean a heavy weight woolish tartan? I prefer kilts made of lighter and washable fabrics, these are more comfortable for everyday wear. There are also modern and utility kilts made of denim, leather, cotton, whotever You want, but still are kilts.
    Men in many parts of the world do wearing skirts and dresses in many different styles (sarongs, lava-lavas, kaftans, galabijas, dhotis etc.). Kilts and skirts are much more comfortable and healthier for men than trousers are, reduces a risk of testicular and prostate diseases, and are a historical men’s garments as well as women’s (or maybe a bit more). H&M have started to sell skirts for men (not kilts, but skirts) for spring 2010.

  3. Skirts are okay for men too. I think men should consider wearing this garment instead just pants.
    I don’t want to go with historical facts, that would be a long history, otherwise I should explain why women wearing pants, and that would be a short history.
    So, only men can decide what they want to wear, and skirts are one of the best options they have.

  4. It’s long overdue; finally men going to wear skirts, right now just few going skirted, but they are really brave and that makes them strong.

    Skirts are indeed a alternative wardrobe for men and I can’t find any single, tiny reason on earth why men should not wear skirts, too.

  5. Yes, it is right, men wearing skirts. And I feel myself more feminine, and I believe men in skirts feeling more masculine. Not a joke, when men wearing skirts it is like going some steps higher on the same base like men. Women are not anymore the second sex, now we are equal. I support all men which wearing skirts and dresses – don’t want to say women’s clothes because in past it was clothing for both sexes.

  6. Yes, a kilt is a skirt. A special skirt. But I think it doesn’t matter what kinf skirt a man wears. A skirt does not change anything, although a skirt can make a man manly and strong because he shows up with his confidence that he is sure about his sexuality.
    I like skirted men.

  7. All most guys need to do is wear the skirt !!!! If they have the Ba**s to do it ! I wear skirts all the time and I have women ask me Why ? I tell them they are conforantable and they smile and leave me there Numbers !!!!

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