Etre gloves, a personal touch

Technology has come along way to enable us to do things that we perhaps could not imagine, and unfortunately still has a long way to go before hitting a home run. User centred design of consumer gadgetry such as mp3 players, mobile phones and PDAs has simplified the way we interact with these devices over time.

With the availability and growing popularity of touch screen interfaces in these devices, usability will also be comprised especially if the devices have to be used in cold environments. The etre gloves pictured below are made for that cold and special moment, to enable a fan to take a picture or footage at a football, baseball or soccer game in near freezing temperatures.

Etre gloves, a more personal touch

The etre gloves are a product of simple yet ingenious idea to take usability further not by tweaking technology itself but by actually looking outside (the technology) box and incorporating new fashion design to accomplish the ultimate usability goal.

Inclusively designed, the etre gloves can be worn while carrying out other tasks such as fishing, brailling, nose picking ;), Amazon Kindling or Sony Reading, shoelacing etc. Their usage may only be limited by the user’s imagination.

For the fans, photographers and journalists, technology and fashion enthusiasts and tactiles, the etre gloves take usability further and make touching more personal and fashionable.

etre touch


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