Hallowed be halloween

Although, and perhaps not evangelized so much by the fashion industry, Halloween marks an important day for DUI fashion, art and themes. And the holiday lovers love to experiment, to invent, to dress up, to act and to scare or at least attempt to.

And in an attempt to take things further, pets are joining in on the fun too, spicing things up and creating excitement along the way.

Hallowed be halloween

Surprisingly enough, this years Halloween was celebrated without my knowledge, having had a busy 24 – 7. I did not miss much though, when I got the time I crawled the net and enjoyed the footage and pictures of the arts that you did. I look forward to seeing what the next Halloween creates.



7 thoughts on “Hallowed be halloween

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  2. As Halloween is the second famous festival that is celebrated after Christmas. So in Halloween each one of us want to look unique and attractive for which they will wear some unique and attractive costumes. Some people love to make their pet’s also to look unique. I thank this blog for sharing such lovely pet’s costume and the cute lovely images.

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