The customer is always right except when they are wrong

When business oriented people schmooze with you, they will tell you that the customer is always right no matter what. And as much as I would like to agree with that, I think the customer is always right except when they are wrong.

As one with a passion for fashion, I would tell you that a paying customer deserves a good return for their money no matter what.

Usually, in the fashion industry, customers lack that golden opportunity to be right because they do not participate in product design or requirements specification. They only shop for finished products and depending on their abilities some for haute couture and some for the mass produced and perfunctory pieces. The others are just lost in between.

But irrespective of their financial abilities, each and every customer deserves quality in the desired items. And even though they might at times not be sure of what they want, its up to the designers to wow them with quality, simplicity and practicality.

Substandard, poor designs and low quality should be a thing of the past. Designers should focus beyond the money barrier more or less like in the IT industry where open source now matches and even surpasses the quality of commercial software.

Open source fashion design may have the potential to compete with commercial designer goods, and deliver high quality to more customers at affordable prices.

Cheap items and even overpriced ones lack practicality as designer most often than not go haywire with ideas and forget about simplicity. For instance meticulously designed colored sneakers or boots that get permanent stains from jeans, frills on a top or  a dress that when washed and cannot be ironed, or difficult to use eyelets in footwear, just to start the litany.

Magnificent words and bits of fluffs are used to describe and sell fashion respectively but the fact is much of it does not live up to its expectations.

A paying customer is a fussy customer. A fussy customer is always right and no matter what item they are buying, they have the right to demand the best of its kind.


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