Futuristic fashion designs in the making

And what would be the best description of futuristic fashion? Clothes that one would love to don to an interview, dinner or a night out, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It doesn’t get any better.

A fashion passion is pleased to introduce to you futuristic fashion masterpieces by  Eva Evanovich.

In design they are feminine, and as such, lithe and blithe. Like fashion felt up by color, they are floric and floral, exquisite, with a lot of pizzazz and yet demured.

Olga designs featured on US Trendy and NJAL

Eva’s ingenious talent has not gone unnoticed. Her designs have been featured on US Trendy and on Not Just a Label.

A fashion passion impatiently waits to see how Eva defines the future.


5 thoughts on “Futuristic fashion designs in the making

  1. Futuristic fashion, not until all clothes can be worn by both genders. Remove the sexism from fashion if you want to move forward. I want to wear what the men wear in ever occasion, fashion is sexist when it allows men to be trendy in practical clothes while women suffer in heels. It is sexist when men are classed as dressed up in a suit while women are classed as dressed down in a suit and expected to wear man pleasing clothes to be seen as dressed up.Fashion is sexist when flat lace up shoes are seen as casual or old fashioned on a woman but smart and stylish on a man. Fashion is sexist when it makes choices for people based on there gender.

    But in this age of greater equality how many ways left are there to ensure the sexes dress differently other then the fashion. Fashion is the only way left to ensure women still dress to please men.

  2. Thanks for this great post on Marie Antoinette Pearls, I was searching for something along the lines of this and in the top 20 results at google, yours was the most informed and well presented. I was wondering, do you think Marie Antoinette would make a great topic for a future post here? Or did you do that already?

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