A bed without a header or a footer

Previously, on a fashion passion…

Several years back, Matt had taken a risk and a challenge. He had enrolled on to a university as a full time student having only himself as his sponsor. He might have wished to study on a shoelace, but the days when life and education had been free were over. Nonetheless, he was tenacious. And a little serendipity too.

Life as a student and his collection of Benjamins, meant that he had to move to a student housing plan or something of the sort. He was already feeling claustrophobic even before he found a 70ft sq apartment with shared facilities.

There had been a small wooden bed on one corner of the apartment and he had thought that it would do. He had underestimated his manner of sleeping.

His first nights were uneventful, but then again that was the result of being tired and therefore having a deep undisturbed sleep. In a weeks time he had adapted to the new life. And then after relaxing he started falling off the bed while asleep.

A shrink would not have labelled him as a mover in bed, the falls occurred because the bed was narrow. A little bit too narrow for him.

It was the kind of a bed that you would have to alight from and the board again to make a successful turn.

In the middle of the night, that would only mean that he would lose his sleep every time he turned. And so every night he put the mattress on the floor and slept there. The falls were much less painful and the turns could be made with little effort and without waking up.

A few weeks later, Matt had walked in to the then unpopular ikea store and bought a proper single bed.

Susan and Matt S01E14


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