An unfinished piece of art on display

Previously, on a fashion passion…

Matt rarely had dreams and when he did, they were always hard to remember.

If he would have dreamt about Susan, it might have been a nightmare. But if he had…

Her hair was lustrous. It had a shiny glow to it, and it flowed as she walked down the street. It was difficult to tell its original color. Nonetheless, it was evident that hairspray had been used. Lots of it. From a close, it smelt like cheap liquor, with a somewhat pleasant smell. Up close, you might have gotten tipsy.

Make up on her face lit like graffiti on a dirty wall on a poorly lit street. She had a base color, then a cheekbone highlighter, then some filler powder. A dark shade for an eyeliner and a flirty lipstick. On a closer look, she looked like a landfill that was being reclaimed and so much in need of landscaping.

Like a lady going to a board meeting, she was dressed in a blue suit, a white blouse and black shoes. The top three buttons of her blouse were undone. Very formal indeed. Like most other makeup wearers, she had not cared to put graffiti to her neck and upper chest to match the tone of her face. Up close, it looked like an unfinished piece.

It was not clear why the artist had released an unfinished piece but like every other  piece on display, it could be judged.

Luckily, Matt rarely dreamt, and even better not about Susan. He did not have to pass judgment on her, at least not yet

Susan and Matt S01E12


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