Workplace dresscode

More often than not, experts, and those that you refer to as shrinks almost trick you into believing anything. And sometimes, they could actually be right.

Experts’ advice for working clothes; no one should be able to see over, under or through your clothes, it’s not about how much you spend, but how well a garment is fitted. And if you would wear it to the beach, the bar or to bed, it doesn’t belong in your work wardrobe.

work place dresscode

This sort of defines a perfect work place dresscode whereby your way of dressing does not affect your co-workers, customers and other parties. Moreover, it helps boost a company’s image.

Of course you know what others are not supposed to see. But then again, it depends with the kind of profession you are into. And for those working from home, it might be difficult to observe an official dresscode especially when you’ve got no company.


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