Her stuff was all over!

Previously, on a fashion passion…

The day after the previous one was better. Susan was gleeful, she was going shopping. Again. Matt was going to work, and even he was in high spirits.

Like birds happy for the morning, they chirped through breakfast. Their first in days. Matt was not a breakfast person. Over the weekend, they had got up after ten in the morning. And thus whatever they had had was more of an early lunch than a late breakfast.

She did not indulge in shopping sprees but for once Susan felt the need to. She was fussy, but even today, it was easy to get what she wanted. And at times what appealed to her even if she had not planned for it.

On coming home, Matt was surprised to find her stuff all over. It looked as though she was getting ready to move in while she was actually going to leave in two days. She was not even in a hurry pack up. Or had she changed her mind? Matt wondered.

In his shirt and a new skirt, she ambled around the house flaunting at him, with a wine glass half empty. She even had a new hairstyle, a sleek one.

Her stuff was all over!

Filled with purchases, others empty, tote bags littered the floor. Two pairs of shoes; checked flats and classic black pumps were carelessly placed on the bed. On the other side of the bed lay several panties, strings, tights and bras.

Obviously, she had just retried her purchases for the second, or the third or even the tenth time and was too tired to put everything back in place.

Matt was puzzled, but he was warming up to this side of Susan.

They spent the idyll evening indoors and without even caring to put things away, like soldiers awaiting a disbandment, cherishing the final moments.

The pullout was going to be difficult and would need more man power.

Susan and Matt S01E11


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