The red carpet

In private jets they cruise, on recliners over the weather

On low and high riders, they ride low and hidden, on leather

On touch down, along bouncers, they walk under umbrellas

From motown to coast town, they bring a show no matter the weather


A fuss’ of polish and makeup, down, opens, flats and heels

A hand in another, another a hand on feels

His in squares, stripes, labels, another in jeans and white

Shis in anything, everything and mostly nothing


One flirts with the media, another poses for the paparazzi

One talks of their jitters, another of their success in the bizz

One has a ring, she talks of a fling, and shows off a bling

They say they’ve a thing, but mostly, they are a thing


One in shades, shows off his latest bit of fluff

One cannot tell if he is the gigolo or she is the bimbo

anyway, today, no one cares, who cares

She thins like a vagrant and looks like a million bucks


Another is lithe and blithe, adorning haute couture

This one is amiable, she adores the fame culture

She drawls at the boom, fans love this feature

She flaunts at the paparazzi, cameras love the picture


In LA, anywhere and nowhere, the same stars, I guess

Journals look for a killer line, its a game of chess

Without a blink cameras witness to later confess

Of malfunctions, anything, mostly of nothing more or less



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