Nothing sweet about me

Previously, on a fashion passion…

Susan read Matt’s anguish as he stood on the balcony, as if she had a sixth sense. She sensed his fears, felt his pain and that gave her pain. She somehow felt responsible but she was not sure what she had done to cause the pain that was now trickling to her.

Standing behind him with her hands around his abdomen, she tried to feel the tension in him.

There is nothing sweet about me, right?” She asked him.

Without letting her see his face, “Its about me, there is nothing sweet about me. I wish there was nothing sweet about you because then I would not have a problem unloading my pain to you.”

He replied. It hurt him to tell her that but somehow, he had to let her know that his pain had nothing to do with her.

“I am sorry, you are pain but it would be better if you let me shared it with me, maybe I can help.”

She held him from behind, tears flowed freely on her cheeks. She struggled to hide the anguish that was now tormenting her.

They stood there for a while without speaking to each other but somehow, and naturally, the pain seemed to lift off with time, like an overloaded plane on a long runway.

No/So-mething sweet about me

No/Some-thing sweet about me. Where there are ends, try to make them meet.

Both had had difficult pasts and it was clear they preferred dealing with issues individually and silently.

“Am sorry I can’t share my pain with you now, but someday I will.”

“That’s okay, you don’t have to until the time is right.”

“Are you okay?”

“I feel better.”

With a grin on his face, he now turned faced to her.

“Good, because am about to make you the happiest woman on the planet. There are lots of sweet things about you and I appreciate your being with me.”

The sun was now going down hurriedly. Watching the two silhouttes from a far, you’d have had a different impression. But the mood though easing was a little somber. Like denizens living in an earthquake hotbed, not sure how to react to a mild earthquake that was imminent of striking full force in the future.

The two superpowers were now locked in hug. A chilling wind was now blowing, sweeping away the remnants of somberness.

“Good. Can we go indoors.”

“Yes, ma’am”.

He had developed a lot respect for her for she had not pushed him to tell her what was had caused pain. He was also certain that she could read his feelings even when he did tried to hide him.

What happened later might have been worse than earthquake, the two superpowers with a lot of chemistry between them were busy flexing their chemical muscles. A little more or less chemistry and a world war would have been imminent.

Actions speak louder than words. But Susan did not need actions to know that Matt and her had a thing for each other or even better, they were a thing. Now, she was sure the thing was more than a thing.

susan and matt S1E10


5 thoughts on “Nothing sweet about me

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  3. It made me laugh. Or was it a smile ;0) Have you thought about going into book writing? I think you’ll be good at this. Think about it and remember i told you so when you’ve made your first million. Good luck

  4. thanks Zara for your kind words, actually I’ve thought about book writing but never had the time to try it out…perhaps I should give it a try;)

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