The best makeup for summer 2009

– by a guest writer, Emily J

You can change your look entirely simply by making a few simple changes in your makeup. If you are trying to grow out your hair, but feeling the urge to cut because you can’t stand the pain of growing it out, you can redirect your attention to makeup and make your changes there, leaving your hair alone.

A classic guideline for makeup and skin care tips that always works is this: If you play up your eyes, downplay your lips. If you play up your lips, downplay your eyes.

This season you can play up your eyes with long, fake eyelashes, which have been popular for the last few seasons. And if you want to skip the fakes, just use lots of mascara, add a low-key shadow, and ditch the eyeliner.

Most of the makeup looks this spring are soft and natural, makeup so subtle that you don’t seem to be wearing any. The only dramatic element is eyelashes. Here and there some berry lip colors show up, but most lip looks are soft, glossy and understated.

For a lip color that really does stay put, try a Rimmel Lip Pencil, the one you sharpen with a sharpener. Apply moisturizer to lips, then carefully outline and fill in. Dust with powder and, with even a modicum of care, your lip color will stay fresh and in place for hours. Rimmel Lip Pencils are available in drug and discount stores for about $3.00.

One of the best makeup tips out there is to take good care of your skin. With clear, healthy skin, you can get by with much less makeup, especially foundation. Good skincare products that work are expensive. Never mind. If they keep your skin looking good, they are well-worth the expense.

Skincare products are something you have to experiment with to find the one that works best for you. Some, especially those containing alpha hydroxy acids, can irritate sensitive skin. Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty, widely advertised on infomercials, is gentle, effective and reasonably priced at about $45.00/month.

You get cleanser, moisturizer, night repair, glowing serum, mask, eye treatment, and a rich cream for neck and chest. You can mix and match the products and, because it’s auto-shipped, you don’t have to run to the mall to replace items. This line really works for me, but skincare products are something you just have to try before you know.

Please don’t forget the sunblock. The most destructive thing you can do to your skin is to expose it to UVA and UVB rays without protection. The problem is finding a sunblock that doesn’t look disgusting when you put it on your face, or glop together when you try to apply makeup.

Coppertone Ultraguard Sunscreen 50 SPF protects you from both UVA and UVB, goes on like a moisturizer, provides a perfect makeup base and also works well alone with a dusting of neutral loose powder. It’s also affordable at about $8.00.


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