Haute couture by bevello

Haute couture is the business of making expensive clothes of original design and high quality. Even without going to details, you can tell that haute couture is a form of unaffordable fashion. Today, it is simply a class for the rich.

Tomato Red Large Flower Tank by Ryu, courtesy of bevello

Tomato Red Large Flower Tank by Ryu, courtesy of bevello

However, bevello, a one-of-a-kind online clothing boutique, may be set to revolutionize that. Simply by offering an affordable haute couture without sacrificing quality, style and imagination.

Insisting on emerging designers that embody its style and ideas, bevello offers a simple haute couture that is playful with colors, combines flounces and patterns to form incredibly amazing pieces.

Bevello is also the only online boutique that offers life style pictures and model size chart on all of its clothes. This gives a natural and realistic feel of the product and thus an informed choice for the buyer.

In cooperation with bevello, a fashion passion is offering a 10% discount coupon for those looking forward to acquiring their form of haute couture. The code is fashion.


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