The surgeon receives a gift from a belled Susan

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Matt hated surprises. He always wanted to be in control. But he knew that sometimes it was best to let life take its course, to let it go. Sometimes his heart would almost miss a beat and then race up. At other times, it would drum as if it wanted to be let out and experience life.

Matt arrived home about an hour before Susan. He had of course read her twitter and he knew that she was out shopping. On his way home, he had bought some groceries, and a blue nun from a bodega. Despite his poor culinary skills, he was going to make risotto for dinner. Although he was not a flower kind of person, he had purchased some for Susan. He had preferred color over kind. The bunch had deep purple, blue and white hues.

A belled Susan got back as the kitchen was getting steamy. Matt struggled to maintain a surgeon’s cool, adhering to the printed recipe and tending to boily pans. His insides were vigorously boiling as the contents of the pans on the cooker. He almost looked in control, but then again, that was just because he was not out of control.

Like an experienced surgeon, he had managed to keep most of what he was cooking inside the pans. His cooking apron had a few spatters and smudges and so did the top of the cooker. Of course even in a surgical theater, a few spatters color the floor and other surfaces if the situation is not out of control.

A little bit later, he was able to set the pans on simmering mode. Then he cleaned up the surgical area. Susan knew she was not yet a good surgeon so she had excused herself. She was humming enthusiastically in the bathroom under a multitude of warm water droplets.

Half an hour on, a candle lit table for two was set with glasses and a blue nun on standby. The chemistry between the two was still strong enough to cause a nuclear fission if not fusion. Susan was delighted to receive the bouquet and even more amazed that Matt was not sure what kind the flowers were.

The risotto, to Matt’s relief was well done, and with an inviting aroma. A moment of change had begun, even the most experienced and skilled surgeon consults the book every now and then. In the kitchen, Matt had been like a car mechanic who did what had to be done without consulting.

Dinner was served at seven on the dot. The candles burnt brilliantly as the two enjoyed a delicious risotto. Even though she was not exactly a gourmet, Susan adored Matt’s cooking that day. It was a long time since any one of them had had a candle lit home dinner and they savoured the moments. By the time they were done, the blue nun still stood tall but half empty.

After clearing up, ‘I have a suprise for you’. Said Susan. Sometimes, even a surgeon gets used to surprises that he does not find them surprising anymore. Matt was relieved to discover the surprise. The loafers fit perfectly as if they had been custom made for him. He would not have been any grateful for them and he intended to show Susan how he felt.

susan and matt S1E8


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