Makeup is a mask

Is it?

From definition, makeup is a substance used on your face to improve or change your appearance. A mask on the other hand is a covering for all or part of the face which protects, hides or decorates the person wearing it, Cambridge.

From the definitions above, make up is then a mask. A mask, whether decorating or beautifying may not be ethically correct, because then, it covers the truth. And what would be an appropriate reason to conceal one’s natural looks.

Fashion unlike medicine and other industries lacks codes of ethics, rules to govern body sizes, dresscodes, cosmetic makeup and surgeries and therefore, all sensitive, issues are not addressed. Of course, there are exceptions, for instance one may wear makeup for medical reasons, the showbiz may also use makeup to realize different themes and looks on the big screen.

A makeup toolbox

A makeup kit

The popularity of makeup maybe accredited to the showbiz and perhaps to the modern material driven society, where the psychological effects of a product are not fully addressed for the sake of financial gains. And the lack of awareness leads to even a widespread effect.

The use of makeup (mask) may in the future lead to a masked society where no one is comfortable with their natural face or body. Then we will have double personality; a masked and a natural one. There might be a difference in the inner personality portrayed by the two.

True beauty being in the eyes of the beholder can only be found or come from an inner self. And the inner self has to identify and get to know and be confident with the outer self. For beauty cannot be generalized. It can be found in every look.

Do you wear makeup to conceal your true and natural self, or to bring out a better personality out of you? Is there another reason why one choses to conceals their real self?


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