Handpicked fashion with a vintage touch

Previously on a fashion passion,

Susan strolled down the high street in a leisury manner. The sun over her head felt like a guiding star except that it seemed not to move, or it moved so slowly it was hardly noticeable. Expensive fashion stores lined the street with their doors wide open and some shut. Like water flowing under a bridge, customers flowed in and out.

It is unnatural to act against the forces of nature. Being a single drop in a body of water, Susan was tempted to follow the downhill natural flow. However, she was also strong willed and she flowed upstream most of the time, against the current.

To her, fashion was not about labels only, it was about self expression through a meticulously chosen wardrobe, and so unlike many other drops, she sought fashion and not labels. She strolled past a Louis Vuitton, a D & G, a Calvin Klein among others. Their salesmen were benevolent, giving her smiles, that she returned with curtesy and ready to hold doors for her except that she was not interested in going in. She herself was a sales manager with a well off IT company, and she knew the rules of the game; kowtow potential clients for your own good.

After sauntering for well over an hour, she found what she had been looking for. Since she might not have approved of me disclosing her favourite store to you, I will not, for then I will not have a bargaining chip.

She bought herself a pair of slacks and heeled espadrilles and then some loafers for Matt. It had been a good flow upstream, a few handpicked picks with a vintage touch instead of extravagantly pieced labels.

In the afternoon, she went to China Town, or at least she thought it was. There she had chow mein. Afterwards, she sat in tavern facebooking and twittering on her iphone, sipping some and having a little hors d’oeuvre. And even though she was not in a hurry, she could not wait to see Matts reaction on receiving a pair of loafers from her.

susan and matt S1E7


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