Do you wash new clothes?

Doing laundry is perhaps not the most enjoyable house chore but unfortunately it is one that we’ve to live with as fashion and in this cases also hygiene lovers.

I recently allowed myself to wander into a departmental store where they happened to have a huge sale. Due to the scale of the sale and the amount of items they had in the store, the place was like a hotbed for dust, both technically and literally.

Desperate Housewives - Dirty Laundry

Desperate Housewives - Dirty Laundry

Even though I did not make any purchase, I wondered if people who did were going to clean their purchases. Everything just felt dirty or at least as if it had been felt up by dirt. And now that am writing about it, I wonder if you actually clean new clothes or you just stuff them into your wardrobe and await to dress in them.


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