Confessions of a fashionaire, Pt 2

Previously, on a fashion passion…

Like many women her age, shopping was part of her leisure activities, which at time seemed not to be enough. She was however very cautious of her spending just as she was of her style.

Susan believed that it was right to stretch one legs as much as the bed went. She believed that even tall people should not have to put a stool or a table at the back of the bed to bail out their soles that could not just fit in the bed. She also believed that it was not right for them to bend their legs at their knees to try to fit the soles in the bed, leaving the knees and heels hanging and uncovered. Everyone, whether tall or short deserved a bed that they fit in comfortably.

When her budget allowed, she went out and acquired the most exquisite dresses, perfumes, sprays, hair makeovers, facials, rocks and stones and what have you.

But sometimes, love strikes only once, and then its gone. And then there is fun.  And at other times she just could not afford the luxe. And it is at times like these that she would go out, buy expensive clothes, wear them to special occasions, only to return them later.  Taking advantage of the return policies, she would wear an expensive dress for no charge. She would keep it immaculate until a few days to the end of the return policy and then she would take it back.

Every retailer loves big spenders. Looks can be deceiving though. In accordance with their return policy, they will gracefully accept items returned back and hope that the customer will someday make even a bigger purchase.

She might not have approved of being described as a con, but she was also smart, beautiful and witty. She always came up with reasons as unto why she was returning purchased items and being smart and witty enabled her to legitimize them. And just like that she would get a total refund.

Being a fashionaire, she felt that she lavishly fit in her fashion bed.

susan and matt S1E6


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