Time for a little shopping

Previously, on a fashion passion….

Sunday went by as fast as it had come. And it seemed to have gone even faster for the armies were too tired to take record of time. First attempting to rise at midday for a quick breakfast and soon after, falling fast asleep until the sun cast its golden rays over the evenly blue horizon as it sunk deeper in to the world of unknown, leaving a dark and starless sky.

Matt managed to fix an edible but almost tasteless dinner with his crude culinary skills. Susan who on the other hand was heavy headed from the previous night’s alcohol consumption and war, opted to go for salad and pineapple juice.


Susan may or may not have been a shopaholic but she had made up her mind that she was going to spend the week window shopping and if not shopping. She woke up late finding herself all alone in Matt’s apartment. He had left her a note: I will be at the office at least until five, please help yourself to anything and don’t hesitate to call me if you need more. The note had been signed with a heart shaped letter M.

Being overly conscious to her body weight, she had what she liked to refer as a proper breakfast; a cup of tea, no sugar no milk, all while dressing. She was tempted to have a skimpy breakfast but then it was a few hours to noon. Breakfast would be like turning back the hands of time, a thing she did not believe in.

She stepped outside of Matt’s at 11:15, looking just like the girl next door; in a purple bubble dress and white leather sandals that exposed her neatly purple polished nails. She wore a beaded necklace that matched well with her earrings.

The weather was fine. The blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon showing off a few faint clouds. She sashayed with vigor as she stepped in the blazing sun as if she was a model walking down the runway, ignoring the looks and smiles of passer-byes, only this time in search of some high street fashion.

susan and matt S1E4


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