A fashion poem, a proposal turned down

Behind the blinds, on a young night, hides the brides

Besides, amass of immaculate garments hang aside

Litters of posh makeup line the dresser

Jitters in the overhead lights are lesser


Sitting snugly, the grooms impatiently awaits unhammer’d

Music in the background accompanies a silent murmur

Backstage, the brides’ hearts are beating drums

Lights dimmed, curtain fall, anticipation and excitement hum


Into the aisle the first bride walks tall with a lot of pizzazz

Into a far, her kohl’d eyes focus drawing attention with a buzz

A barrette holds her hair neatly exposing a polished face

Abet-ting her elegance, her fountain dress drapes with grace


Her phlegm holds under the brightly lit ceiling as she poses

In refute of a proposal, a hand akimbo, and another poise

Heels matching her deluxe buckle show off pedicured toes

Her lustrous hair dances as she sashays away without a flaw


One after another, brides walk the aisle, all refuting the groom

Like the first one, they are dressed exquisitely, some to the tooth

Inked, dabbed, and fauxed, the show’s an assorted mixture of peels

Unlike the first one, one with jinx totters away in snugly fitting heels


Organizers and designers, in a shower of confetti, bow without refute

Applauding grooms accept the proposal successfully refute’d

Backstage, the brides celebrate an amassing mess and their refute

Grooms wander into the night in search of a tavern, what a refute


6 thoughts on “A fashion poem, a proposal turned down

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