Coolil, meticulously fashionable

Your dream of being meticulously fashionable may be on the verge of becoming true thanks to  Coolil – – an Israeli design online store located in the U.S. Featuring handpicked, high quality Israeli designer accessories and jewelry, Coolil ensures that your fashion desires and dreams are met with care and attention to every detail.

(L-R) Daniella Lehavi brown basket handbag and a Primavera's glass bead bracelet

(L-R) Daniella Lehavi brown basket handbag and a Primavera's glass bead bracelet

Coolil currently features high-quality accessories and Jewelry designs, some with a Jewish touch, including Israeli Jewelry, Designer handbags, Leather Clutch Purses, wallet accessories, children dolls, home décor, Jewish Gifts and mommy bags from established designers.

With an ever changing collection, Coolil promises to bring new concepts to consumers on a regular basis, ensuring high quality and competitive options for your personal fashion preferences and styles.



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